Stories of Success ... the Future of Haiti

We all love happy endings. And this is how this story ends... Happily for those involved and for those that supported the cause.
Since the inception of Compassion Haitian Leaders, 23 years ago. We have always incorporated and supported education along with our many other projects to make Haiti a better place.
We started our 1st school back in 1996 working with Fonrose Teogene in the village of Lam-o-lere, (we still support this school) as well as supporting the late Roberta Edwards-Audate in PAP, and the Cap Haitian Children Home orphanage/school in Petite Anse, Haiti.
These recent graduates pictured are products of your support for education. You as sponsors see your donations paying off in huge dividends. Producing Excellence and Professionals.
We introduce to you Dr. Dulta, Dr. Youseline and Engineer Claude all from the Cap Haitian Children Home, Petite Anse, Haiti. They all graduated on Saturday, July 14, 2018 as professionals that will made Haiti a better place to live.  Get involved, Do unto others, Love your Neighbor, Golden Rule 101! Consider donating to the Compassion Haitian Leaders, POB 691335, Charlotte, NC 28227, or via electronic; CashApp $servantgroup or PayPal:
You can ear mark your donations to any project. We will apply it accordingly.
All donations are tax deductible.