Special Projects for 2018


*Purchased land in Pelton to build the home for the elderly and an orphanage.

*Emmaus House (scholarships)

*Victory for Haiti/education (scholarships)

*Haiti Compassion for the Youth Program

*Kadouche Elderly Feeding Program 

*Re-Charge Station (a business to charge cell phones)

*Goat Program (purchased 13) “The Gift that keeps on giving”. Since program started in 2015 over 100 goats=businesses have been established.

*4,000+ Pounds of food distributed 

*The Nehemiah Project; wells were drilled at Dumas, Acul Samdei and Savanette @ $5,000.00 each 

*Livestock Project" (cows)

*Emergency Surgery and Doctor bills for baby Christella 

*Brought 1,100 Creole Bibles 

A Tribute to a Pioneer

Evelyn Boyd

Introducing one of the most bravest, loving, kind, wise and strongest woman I've ever met. Mrs. Evelyn Boyd. This week marks the 4th year that she flew away. My heart grieves because I miss her so much. She was a patriarch for women in the missionary field in Haiti. An inspiration to me and so many others. It's not many place you go in Northern Haiti, where you meet someone that doesn't know her name or have heard of the love she had for the people of Haiti. If you wanted something done in Haiti this was your go to girl. A straight shooter, no nonsense and full of fire.
We traveled together to Haiti on several trips (her main focus was medical missions), she would take teams of Dr's and nurses in and sometimes I would tag along just to do whatever she needed me to do. I would tell her I'm not medically inclined. Her response would be I have a job just for you, only you can do it.
We did several fundraiser together; traveling across the country being a blessing to the people of Haiti. I would say I learned 80% of what I know about Haiti and its culture from her. Matter of fact. She introduced me to the late Roberta Edwards-Audate in 1996. Our last conversation she told me she had cancer and the doctors didn't want her to return. She said we'll see about that. She went anyways. She said I'm not going to be here much longer. You gotta take charge and go, passing it on to someone else down the road. You will know who when the time comes. She was right. I know.
Mrs. Evelyn was a servant and she left her Legacy in Haiti and the U.S. 

~Sheryl Murrah

The House of Compassion

The Assignment

Answering the call for a few toothbrushes and toothpaste. God blessed us to become owners of our first orphanage. We have been supporting orphanages for 22+ years but never owning our own. Under the unfortunate circumstance of nine children losing their mother and their dad away working in the Dominican Republic. The children were scatter among the villagers in the community. Three over here, four over there and the two youngest were being prepared to be sent to an orphanage 150 miles away. The ages of the children are 3-13. Before now none of the children had visited the doctors, gone to school or had even brushed their teeth. The simple things in life.
But God and His mercy came through and gifted us with a house and the right people to allow us to bless these children with a home to stay in and for them to stay together. Surely, they have been through enough at this tender age.
The house has been approved and we are in good standings with the Haitian government. We have a staff (including a Tutor) with 24 hour care. We have purchase clothes, shoes, bedding, beds, furniture, food, etc. The children have been checked out by a Dr., all are malnourished and have worms.    
We are asking for your financial help to support these little blessings. It doesn't matter the size of the gift, it's the size of your heart.
We have started the ball rolling for this. But we need help in maintaining it.
We are accepting donations and prayers.
Compassion Haitians Leaders, POB 691335, Charlotte, NC 28227 or with the CashApp $servantgroup or PayPal sendmeministry@gmail.com
Donations are tax deductible
Please get involved. Leave your Legacy.  

Sponsors Needed

 If you have a desire to sponsor one or more of these children. Please do so using the CashApp $servantgroup or PayPal:sendmeministry@gmail.com or Compassion Haitian Leaders, POB 691335, Charlotte, NC 28227.

We don't have a set amount. Give what's on your heart as monthly donation?